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Corporate philosophy BEUTTER

Sustainable, innovative, customer-oriented

Every employee should be able to identify with our corporate philosophy.
Our senior management and our entire workforce view it as an obligation to live out and implement this philosophy on a daily basis.

Customer Orientation

We strive to achieve a cooperative relationship based on partnership with our customers and suppliers. With regard to our business partners, we seek to be dependable in everything we say and do. We not only supply precision mechanical articles. We are also a service provider and a problem solver. We view the exceptional requirements of our customers as a challenge.

Customer satisfaction

Only satisfied employees are prepared to do great work. Through commensurate, performance-related remuneration and interesting job profiles, we seek to motivate our employees. We endeavour to promote identification with the company, and a constructive team spirit through by fostering a positive working atmosphere. People can make mistakes, but should always view them as a learning experience, and should aim not to repeat them. We build on the wealth of experience of our workforce of many years standing, as well as on the will to innovate and the spontaneity of our younger colleagues.


The quality of our products is Job One for us, and is vitally essential to the satisfaction of our customers. We do more than implement customer specifications, and we do more than meet the expectations they formulate to us. The most important task for each of our employees is to manufacture high-quality products. We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our quality management system and adapt it to reflect current aims and objectives.


Through the use of modern technologies, we seek to stay one step ahead of state-of-the-art standards wherever possible. Every employee should be willing to tackle new processes and technologies, and to implement these in a targeted manner. Our performance capability is posited on everyone here having a high level of education and a constant willingness to engage in continuing education.

Corporate goals/objectives

We wish to manufacture demanding products and we are prepared to accept technical challenges. Our aim is constantly to redefine the limits of what is feasible. We strive for robust growth through target-oriented planning. This requires us to think in a cost-aware manner, to be innovative and to present our customers with a balanced pricing policy. We seek to achieve a stable earnings position. This will enable us to remain a dependable partner for our customers into the long-term future.