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Competences Manufacturing process BEUTTER

Production options

With a comprehensive portfolio of in-house machinery, always right up to date, we are able to offer our customers a virtually unlimited range of production options. Precision at the highest level - for your components and modules.


  • 11-axis and 13-axis CNC long-turning centres up to Ø 32 x 450 (TRAUB TNL 12/7, TNL 26, TNL26K, TNL32-7)
  • 4-axis and 8-axis CNC long-turning centres up to Ø 16 x 350 (CITIZEN, TORNOS)
  • 4-axis and 8-axis CNC short turning centres up to Ø 65 (TRAUB TNS 30/42, TNC 65, TNX 65)
  • CNC chuck turning machines up to Ø 200 x 500 (WEISSER, BENZINGER, MONFORTS, in some cases with driven tools)
  • CNC cycle turning machines (SCHAUBLIN)
  • CNC high-precision turning machines (BENZINGER some with handling robots, MONFORTS) for machining after heat treatment
  • Thread-rolling machine (ABELE)


  • 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling centres (HERMLE C600U, C32) with a working range of 600 x 450 x 450
  • Vertical machining centres (H&K, EMCO) with a working range of 600 x 300 x 300
  • CNC milling machines (DECKEL)
  • Universal milling machines, some with multi-spindle heads (DECKEL, THIEL, HERMLE)
  • Thread-cutting machines


  • CNC external round grinding machines for up to Ø 60 x 500 (STUDER S20, S21, S31 with eccentric, thread and internal grinding equipment)
  • Profile external round grinding machines with measurement control up to Ø 60 x 500 (SCHAUDT, MSO, STUDER)
  • Centreless external round grinding machines up to Ø 60 (SCHUMACHER, HERMINGHAUSEN)
  • Internal round grinding machines up to Ø 40 (JUNG)
  • CNC flat grinding machines with a working range of 650 x 400 (JUNG, ABA)
  • Straightening machines

Precision machining

  • CNC horizontal honing machines up to Ø 60 x 250 (SUNNEN)
  • Single-wheel flat lapping machine (JOISTEN & KETTENBAUM)
  • Vibration super-finishing systems
  • Centrifugal force super-finishing system
  • Blasting/peening systems

Heat treatment

  • Batch furnaces
  • Air convection furnaces

Tool making, prototype building

  • Universal machine tools
  • Tool grinding machines (DECKEL)
  • Precision coordinate drilling rig (FEHLMANN)


  • Universal assembly workplaces
  • Riveting machines
  • Assembly stations
  • Soldering stations
  • Hydraulic test benches

Component cleaning

  • Program-controlled washing unit (HÖSEL) with combined cleaning (aqueous and organic) in a low-particulate version
  • Multi-stage ultrasonic immersion system with hot-air drying
  • Individual ultrasound baths

Air-conditioned test centre

  • Optical and tactile 3D metrology machines (ZEISS, TESA, MAHR)
  • CNC form metrology systems (REMOG-FAG FMS 4210, Hommel Etamic Roundscan 555 HR)
  • Contourograph (MAHR)
  • Digital microscope (KEYENCE VHX-500FD)
  • Laser micrometer (ZYGO)
  • Metrology microscopes (LEITZ, ZEISS, SCHNEIDER GARANT)
  • Profile projectors
  • Stereo microscopes
  • Endoscopes
  • Hardness testing equipment for Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Shore
  • Surface roughness metrology devices (PERTHEN, HOMMEL, MAHR)
  • Layer thickness metrology devices
  • Pneumatic internal and external metrology devices
  • Incremental probe (HEIDENHAIN)
  • X-ray fluorescence analyser

We employ the services of skilled sub-contractors to enable us to offer all other production processes, special processes, in particular heat treatment and surface treatments. We audit these sub-contractors on a regular basis, and/or some are incorporated in our quality management system.

BEUTTER machine installation