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Components for metrology equipment technology

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Messfeder Motorgehaeuse Elektroniktraeger Küvette Reflektorgehaeuse Verbindungselement Gaschromatographen Sensorträger Kraft- und Drehmomentmessung Sensorträger Infrarotmodul Sensorträger Infrarotmodul

Ultimate precision

Our plant features high-quality machine tools, most of them made by German and Swiss manufacturers, using carefully selected high-precision components. The metrology devices we use to assure the quality of our products are capable of recording component features to within a tolerance range of less than one micron in a process-reliable manner.

By way of example, we produce components and modules for the following applications:

  • Components for viscosimeters and rheometers
  • Components for analysis devices
  • Components for force and torque sensors
  • Elements for light-optical devices and laser systems

We process all materials used in the metrology equipment and sensor technology sector:

  • Invar® steel
  • Vacuum-melted materials
  • Graphite
  • Ceramics
  • High-performance plastics

When needed, in addition to the manufacture of your components, we can also measure them and determine their characteristic curves.


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