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Components for mechanical engineering and special machine building applications

Problem-solving expertise acquired through decades of experience

Most of our applications occur within the mechanical engineering sector. From components and modules in special machines through to volume production plants.

Components for the hydraulics

Great pressure on a small space

Hydraulic control units possess great dynamism, while hydraulic drives possess a high power-to-weight ratio. For this reason, hydraulic components need to be low-wear items, capable of withstanding great loads, and they must be pressure-sealed.

Components for medical engineering

Life-critical precision

Medical engineering components are subject to very specific requirements in terms of their methods of quality assurance, manufacture and process monitoring. BEUTTER has decades of experience with these very sensitive products.

Components for the aerospace sector

Accuracy in its highest form

The aerospace sector is one of the most technologically demanding in the world of industry. These materials are hard to machine and the high safety requirements demand a competent partner. We are that partner for many companies in this sector.

Components for the military engineering sector


The requirements placed on the reliability and quality of components for the armed forces are as high as they are because of the vast range of environmental and application conditions under which security equipment items are required to function. BEUTTER supplies almost every significant company in the German security engineering sector.

Components for metrology equipment technology

Ultimate precision

Our plant features high-quality machine tools, most of them made by German and Swiss manufacturers, using carefully selected high-precision components. The metrology devices we use to assure the quality of our products are capable of recording component features to within a tolerance range of less than one micron in a process-reliable manner.

Module production and assembly

From development to assembly

Jointly with our customers, we develop and design modules and entire items of equipment, and we implement these designs in the form of prototypes and in volume production. With existing designs, we support our customers in the production maturity process, the selection of materials and the choice of tolerances.

Toll Manufacture BEUTTER

Extended workbench

The focus of our quotation is on the production of complete components, modules and items of equipment. Our toll manufacturing facility can also perform individual operations for you.

Metrology service BEUTTER

Your parts - our expertise

We not only use the high-caliber equipment in our metrology room on our own products: It is also available to provide a service for your components.