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 Great pressure on a small space

Steuerungskomponente Bundbuchse Ventilkegel Kompensator Sitzfühler Drehdurchführung

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Great pressure on a small space

Hydraulic control units possess great dynamism, while hydraulic drives possess a high power-to-weight ratio. For this reason, hydraulic components need to be low-wear items, capable of withstanding great loads, and they must be pressure-sealed.

We produce components for the aerospace sector and the mechanical engineering sector that satisfy these requirements:

  • Components for shift valves
  • Proportional and servo valve components
  • Seat valve components
  • Valve combinations
  • High pressure hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic actuators

BEUTTER possesses the requisite expertise to machine specific materials, such as:

  • Case-hardened and tempered steels
  • Rolling bearing steels
  • Corrosion-resistant valve steels
    In particular for elements in proportional and servo hydraulic systems, metallically sealing slide valve pairs are used. We have specialist experience in the grinding and honing of material pairs. Typically, interference fits of 2 to 5 microns are required, with high requirements in terms of cylindricity.

For seat valves, we have mastered the grinding and hard-turning of valve races and valve tapers with specialist requirements in terms of form tolerances and surface qualities.

To customer specifications, we conduct leak tests and determine flow rate characteristics on valve combinations manufactured by ourselves.

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