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Components for mechanical engineering

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Problem-solving expertise acquired through decades of experience

Most of our applications occur within the mechanical engineering sector. From components and modules in special machines through to volume production plants. Demand in the machine tool sector is characterised by the need for short production runs and by a multiplicity of versions. We perceive our task to involve more than the manufacture of drawing-compliant parts. Instead, we also provide our customers with advice in terms of designs that facilitate production, and optimisation (i.e. reduction) of the number of different versions.

Specifically for the mechanical engineering sector, we do far more than simply produce components. We also manufacture modules and even complete items of equipment:

  • Components and modules for fuel injection systems
  • Components for tool clamping systems
  • Components for high-pressure pump elements
  • Components and modules for machine tools
  • Individual components for drive systems

BEUTTER processes all materials currently used in the mechanical engineering sector:

  • Case-hardened and tempered steels
  • Duplex steels
  • Tool steels, including their hard machining
  • Stainless and acid-resistant steels, in particular in the process technology sector
  • Ceramics

The great innovativeness within this sector also requires its supplier businesses to demonstrate great flexibility in terms of the ability to adapt volumes, and to demonstrate supply readiness. We set ourselves these challenges in the spirit of cooperation based on partnership.

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