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From sketch to finished product

BEUTTER is a specialist in the production of precision components and it offers a complete range of services to its customers: From the sketch of a product to its manufacture and its function tests.

Manufacturing process

Production options

With a comprehensive portfolio of in-house machinery, always right up to date, we are able to offer our customers a virtually unlimited range of production options. Precision at the highest level - for your components and modules.


Over 700 materials and 6500 types of material

All machinable materials are used in BEUTTER component production. All procurement is from qualified manufacturers and/or dealers in Germany and other countries. All items purchased hold plant certificates or acceptance test certificates. Inventories are batch-based which means that full-depth traceability is possible for any finished component.

Volumes and dimensions

Small components - short production runs

BEUTTER concentrates on precision mechanical components in small and medium-sized quantities. Anything that is light and small enough to be held comfortably in one hand is the right size for our machines.


At the right time and in the right place

We can machine many kinds of orders for you. You stipulate when you need which goods at which location. This enables us to make an important contribution towards improving your storage and production operations.